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Origin8or Custom Cycle Co.

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The unique motorcycle builds of Rob Chappell - Origin8or Custom Cycle Co.

I've been creative and building for as long as I can remember, for me the two have always gone hand in hand.

As a young child I remember drawing in front of the TV, seldom looking up from the page in front of me. Collecting comics in my grade school days, based solely on the images within, just so I could race home to try and re-create these images in my own way. In my teens I attended a high school that not only had a graphics program but a full fledged shop program where I took welding, machine shop, wood shop and automotive. While I played with the idea of becoming a welder full time, it was a push from my high-school graphics teacher that landed me a job at a local printer, that helped get me financially through the later years of high-school and college. I graduated college in graphic design, and shorty after landed my first advertising job in Toronto. I still work in graphics to this day.

Throughout all my years however there was always the love of adrenaline and machines that pushed that limit for me. I modified anything I could get my hands on never happy unless I put my personal stamp on it. I've been building motorcycles my whole life and I think what sets me apart from other builders isn't just having the skills to use the tools in front of me, but it's the eye of a graphic designer, fussing over the details of each and every item throughout the project.

While I don't focus solely on one particular style or brand, one thing apparent in all my builds is the unwavering attention to detail. For me, as a creative medium I don't think there's anything else quite like it. Building bikes brings together everything I have learned my entire life and it's such a fulfilling art form.

If you would like to discuss a future build feel free to contact me using the handy form on this site. Let's make something original!

-Rob Chappell