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Origin8or Custom Cycle Co.

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We were lucky enough to be contacted by Yamaha USA to customize one of their 2014 Star Bolt Motorcycles. The timeline is quite aggressive, ya sure we can handle that, but the best part... the rules are wide open so we are extremely stoked about that!! We are going to do our best to come up with something that is not only cool but adheres to the bikes intended audience and maybe make some parts along the way that we think other bolt builders might want to purchase to enhance their own rides.
1982 CB900F Black & Gold
The customer for this build loved the XS650 (Cafe 33) I built with Chris and requested a similar color scheme... I was left feeling a bit like Henry Ford "you can have your car in any color as long as it's black (and gold in our case)" It turned out quite well and features the following:
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