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1977 Honda CB550 Cafe - THE BUILD
I'm not sure how it works, if all motorcycle people are inherently cool or I just manage to find the best customers? The owner of this CB550 had always dreamed of riding a motorcycle as a kid but mother knew best, later on it seemed that life and a marriage got in the way, but after several years on the road as a touring/working musician the marriage just didn't work out and it left a hole in his heart arching to be filled. So what's a man to do when he needs to move on and get past the heartache in his life? Seek the advice of friends? Seek out a therapist? Screw that, time to build the bike of your dreams!
1968 Triumph Daytona 500 T100R - THE BUILD
It's kind of strange working on 2 bikes at once and juggling two completely different styles but I love it. There is nothing quite like putting your stamp on a build and seeing the final results. This 500 started out as what looked like a pretty decent bike but looks can be deceiving... very deceiving.
1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R
This build has to be one of my favorites to date because I don't often get called upon to build bobbers let alone 2 for the same customer and a customer that pretty much left it all up to me once the style was decided upon.
2002 Ducati Sport 750
I completed this bike in 2014 but never did a blog post on it so here it is. The donor bike was a bone stock 2002 Sport 750 and the owner wanted to make it a blend of old and new which meant getting rid of the stock fairing and trying to make a new(er) bike look retro. This bike has a ton of sharp angles and the hardest thing to work around was definitely the tank.
1973 CB350T
Hard to believe it's been 4 months since I wrote in the blog but a website with no updates is a sign of a busy guy and that's an understatement. At the moment there are 3 builds in the works and 1 daily driver but lets keep this post about the 350 for the moment...
1982 XV920R
This was one of those bikes that just had trouble getting time devoted to it. Originally it was purchased to be a driver, just clean it up and ride it. Unfortunately it found itself relegated to the shed while other builds took precedence.
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